SCOUT CLUB "MEJE" - was founded in the 3rd III. In 1963 the area boundary, in the former elementary school "Dusko Mrduljaš". Thanks to this and a number of adult leader were teachers and schools.

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 City district MEJE  021/486-402



  • His successful work record until today when, this 2003 celebrates its 40th anniversary. It will have an occasion to show that its members and citizens.
  • A variety of actions, camping, traditionally organized orienteering competition for younger scouts DIV, which we use as a separate recovery for our region
  • Organizer very successful PART - State Olympics back four years.
  • They organized and exemplary demonstration expedition scouts Researchers at Gorski Kotar.
  • In recent years, is particularly notable extremely good work of their fledglings gathered in the 3rd Family "Future".
  • Among the great generations of scouts is particularly known current director of the Croatian police Ranko Ostojic.
  • Today, the club operates under the name "Limits" and covers the city district of Split.