SCOUT GROUP "SPINUT" - was established on 22 December. 1962 as one of seamanship reconnaissance unit in Split. At that time it was called "Velimir Škorpik" after the famous anti-fascist fighter of II. World. War. Particularly strong was the effect of detachment with the first generations of scouts in the area Spinut.

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Ulica Fra Bone Razmilovića 021/486-402



  • A variety of actions and participation of numerous members.
  • The work of this long-lived unit stands out the cultural dimension of the work, but are also almost traditional events OIP "Spinuta" in celebration of the founder of scouting Robert Baden-Powell, 22 II., When organizing valuable cultural programs with live music performances.
  • Their singing choir, and then the choir "Modo diverso" under the direction of Mary Krnić, scoring the exceptional level of musical interpretation and widely known outside the ranks of scouting.
  • MEC "Spinut" tour was very successful and the Cultural activities SIH 1999.
  • Now operating under the name "Spinut" on the same city district, in Fra Bone Razmilovića.