Scout organizations in the world was launched in 1907 in England by the high officers of the British army, later winner of the title of Lord Robert Baden Powell. After the first camp on Brownsea Island and the issuance of brochures "Scouting for Boys", was soon in the UK brought together tens of thousands of young people, and very soon became the most numerous and most influential youth organization in the world.

WOSM (World Organization of the Scout Movement) now has more then 40 millions members in more than 160 countries. Croatian scouts are back in the great scout family in 1993 as one of the first organizations in the independent Croatian being accepted in world-wide associations.



We are proud to point out an example of an outstanding person in the history of Croatian pedagogy, professor of natural history Mate Mudrinić (*Nova Gradiska 8 June. 1855 - + in Zagreb August 2, 1932), for which we can justifiably say that it is a precursor of Scouting in the region and even before the appearance of the movement in the world. Namely as a professor of natural history and a remarkable teacher, prof. Mudrinić early on was convinced that the education of youth, in some school subjects, in large part is the best that can be implemented in nature. Living in nature in a meaningful and organized manner help to form independent personality, expanding socializing, mutual help, sense of duty, respect for the elderly, the acceptance of useful experience and so on. The result of such work, with the physical and spiritual development, brings a proper relationship with the wider community.

For this initiative already in 1881 at the school in Vinkovci he practiced functional school with classes in nature. Those days professor said: "... none of the pictures can be captured and explained exactly, what nature itself explains." Thus, on their own initiative established models called "School excursion companies", which were greatly suited for future scouts companies.

After the beginning of Scouting as an organization designed in Britain in 1907, the idea quickly spread throughout Europe and arrives in Croatia.

  • Already in 1912, our first scout unit in Pazin, was established in Istria, on their high school.
  • In 1913. the scout organization in high school in Karlovac, was established.
  • 1913 acts confirm Real High School in Zagreb (the current building of the museum "Mimara"). Scout ethics have been showed already on outbreak of I. World War when scouts helped acceptance of the wounded who were brought from the front.
  • After preserved documentation in Koprivnica at the Royal small gymnasium 10. VIII. 1914 one of the oldest scout unit also was formed.

After the First World War, the disintegration of Austria-Hungary, Croatia enters the newly created state of Yugoslavia. Scouting was already well developed, and is recorded by the fact that on the Conference in Paris 1922 Yugoslavia, which brings together all the scouts in state, was accepted as a co-founder country of World Scout Movement.

At the beginning of II. World War scout organization ceases to exist.

After II. World. War pre-war scouts in 1950 re-launched reconnaissance (scout) organisation.

19. V. 1951 the first course for scout leaders was organised, after which the date is named Croatian Scout Day.



After Croatian independence in 1991, Scouts in Croatia are coming out from the scout organization of the former common state, and in 1993 on the World Scout Conference in Bangkok we were admitted to the World Scout Movement (WOSM), as full members. 1995 Croatian scouts, under their national emblems, equally and officially participated at the 18th World Jamboree in the Netherlands.

Scout association of Croatia (SIH) today is a modern, non-political, non-governmental youth organisation, consists more than 60 local scout units in 17 counties of Croatia, with about 4000 members. SIH is engaged in consulting boards for civil organisations of Croatian government, especially for volunteering and non-formal education of youth. We have partner relationship in above subjects with national institutions (Ministry of education, Defence Ministry, Croatian forest authorities and local authorities). Great care is taken in education of young leaders for scout work, as well as partnership in projects and friendly relations with foreign scout organisations. Numerous activities we undertake to obtain educational goals of Scout movement: social, spiritual, cognitive, sensitive and bodily development of young personalities to become responsible citizens in their local communities, on national and international level.

Croatian Scout Association today (2017) in Croatia gathers around 3000 members, passing the recovery phase after conditions of war.



It is a long and successful tradition of scouting in Split.

In 1920 at the high school first scout unit was formed, named "Blue Triangle", led by the young Niksa Stefanini.

After a pause due II. World war Scouting in Split and Dalmatia was among the first in Croatia, renewed by Miriam Tecilazić, pre-war scout.

10. 11. 1950 Tecilazić established first reconnaissance troop, and its three patrols: "Leo," "Tiger" and "Leopard" are alive even today. That scout troop was among two first scout groups in Croatia and in former Yugoslavia.

Through continuous activities until these days thousands of children and young people of our city spent the happy and useful days of their youth in scout organisation and have learned the first independent steps in life according human scout Principles.

Today, in our town scout union we have:

  • Scout club "SPLIT" - since 14th of April 1951.
  • Scout Club "Marjan" - since 08th of January 1956.
  • Marine Scouts "Jadran" - since 25th of March 1956.
  • Marine Scouts "Brodosplit" - since 20th of February 1960.
  • Marine Scouts "SPINUT" - since 22nd of December 1962.
  • Scout club "MEJE" - since 3rd of March 1963.
  • Veteran club "Duje" - founded on the 7th of May 1996.


(Appendix: first public appearance in 1951, some early trip on Mosor mountain, figure of M. Tecilazić.)

Scout union of Split (SSZ) is co-operative of 6 scout units in town Split, dealing with children and youth on broad educational program, emphasizing life in nature and respect for nature. We are members of Scout association of Croatia (SIH) and World scout movement (WOSM) and our work is based on scout principals, methods and tradition invented by founder of Scouting Lord Robert Baden Powel. Task of SSZ is to support scout work of our units in our town, based on scout programme of Croatian scout association.