Welcome on our web pages. We are Scout union of Split, organisation for children and youth. Our program is very broad, but mainly directed to life in nature, in accordance with nature.

You are welcome to learn more about us and our activities.


It has been for the past 19 years of our intensive work on the renovation and furnishing homes Kreševo ​​Hills - and still do not stop, there is still work to do.

Early in the December afternoon, Saturday 17 December., And scouts are gathering again in the beautiful hall of the Split Seminary.

It is the purpose ... is breaking KB "Duje" to work in our Centre in Fužine. And this in 2016, the team was up 3 regular times, and with this we should add the traditional veteran excursion KB "Duje" late June.

Scouts do not forget our neighbors in need, including the most needy children.

With almost spring weather, warm and sunny day, and this year we visited the mound of our dear deceased, at least those most prominent among the many who have built this organization.