Welcome on our web pages. We are Scout union of Split, organisation for children and youth. Our program is very broad, but mainly directed to life in nature, in accordance with nature.

You are welcome to learn more about us and our activities.


Continued education of new young leader in our organization, which is organized by the regional final practical part of the "School of the forest" SIH.

With the practical experience that young students get to their units, this is an opportunity "sort" an important knowledge that will serve them in leading their patrol and flocks.

The training is for our region was held in the premises of our NW and home Kreševo Hill and in the weekend 3: 23-24. I, 2-3. IV. in the premises of SSE's, and 28-29. V. in our home Kreševo hill.

Head of the course was Ivana Partridge, and lecturing her support provided: Ratko Štefek, Clear Milašinović, Zeljko Roglić, Carmen Pagar, tones Kelava, Danny Bakulić, Damir Mihalinec, George Perišin.

Participants are of course members of the "Adriatic" 3, "Marjan" 2 and "split" 2. On the "School of the forest" SIH during VIII. months in Kamanje participated 8 of our members.