Welcome on our web pages. We are Scout union of Split, organisation for children and youth. Our program is very broad, but mainly directed to life in nature, in accordance with nature.

You are welcome to learn more about us and our activities.


Back in 1956 started the "blue" story Split Scouts; from the Olympics "Split" allocated to one company and created the Scout group of sailors "Jadran".

Few organizations in the city which have experienced many years of work and it is supposed to mark, and the current members of the "Adriatic" to have performed adequately.

Ceremony at the Youth Centre, with full gym members and guests was held on March 18; started pictures from a long history of reconnaissance detachment, then looking forward program members, awarding of prizes and acknowledgments, receiving greeting cards (and gifts) guests, ended a delicious banquet.

The next day, 19 March. there was dancing in the restaurant "Bolero", again with a cheerful atmosphere, dancing and talks about memorable days of reconnaissance youth.