Welcome on our web pages. We are Scout union of Split, organisation for children and youth. Our program is very broad, but mainly directed to life in nature, in accordance with nature.

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It maintains the good tradition of the Scout Club "Marjan" in honor of the patron saint of St.. Duje. After the 8th time organized scout round competition called "Cup of Saint Duje".

This year, 24 teams participated, of which one out of competition (senior members) with 135 participants, 18 escorts, 36 organizers and 14 guests.

The competition was held in the area of ​​Marjan hill, a team and organizers are situated in the area of ​​trade and catering school in the immediate vicinity of Marjan.

Two days topographic orientation, tying knots, fast lifting and lowering tents, signage, first aid, tests, or cultural and entertainment programs showed attained programming skills of participants.

As partners helped Trade School in Split and the Tourist-catering school whose facilities we used. It should be emphasized and cooperation with the Park Forest Marjan.

On Sunday, the last day of gymnasts are divided thank-you to everyone, and the best are awarded cups and gifts.


This year's champions in the older competition again

1. "Walruses" - SK "Marjan"

2. "Panda" - SK "Marjan"

3. "Bordeaux unit" from Zagreb.


The younger competition:

1st place 15th SDI "Tornado"

2nd Olympics "Jarun"

3rd place "Puma" SK "Marjan" -


From our association participated: SK "Split" 21, "Jadran" 6, "Marjan" 70, "Brodosplit" 6, "Spinut" 6.

The visiting team: "GOLD unit" 7, 15 SDI "Tornado" 6 Olympics "Flame" 6, OI "Maple" 6, OI "Jarun" 15, OI "MP" 28 SDI "Dubrava" 21, "Long Rat "and 6" Trogir "6.

Total 203 members.


Chief of the competition - Ratko Štefek