Welcome on our web pages. We are Scout union of Split, organisation for children and youth. Our program is very broad, but mainly directed to life in nature, in accordance with nature.

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"We were young, strong, and followed these inexplicable, strange way, for which we were assured that leads us to where we want to go," she said, opening solemn session on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Scout Trogir, president Bozena hope.

Welcoming those present colleagues received from all Croatian regions, delegates Mayor Joseph Matkovic, Mayor Ante Stipčića and his deputy Radovan malt-Šilović recalled the beginnings, when it was founded in 1956. The Association of scouts and PLANINKA, today Scout group "Trogir" with the aim of gathering young people who will detachment well spend their free time.

"Our reconnaissance pleased with the proživjevši expectancy of 60 years, because when you look back watching thousands of children who were in the squad, we see that they have grown into a good and honest people. During its operation we encountered many difficulties, but nothing will prevent us to continue our efforts and selfless giving of love we participate in the work with young people, "said Nadia.

At the end of the ceremony numerous guests had words of support and gratitude, and was particularly touching when, with tears in his eyes, spoke to the daughter of the first president Ante Frapportia, Jugana Frapporti. With Jasminka Petric president Nadilo shared thanksgiving, awards and plaques.

I split the scouts participated in this beautiful and important event, birthday boy gifts appropriate gifts, but also enjoy the fun and the rich banquet. It was attended by "Jadran" 2, "Marjan" 1, KB "Duje" 15 members. A total of 18 members.


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