Welcome on our web pages. We are Scout union of Split, organisation for children and youth. Our program is very broad, but mainly directed to life in nature, in accordance with nature.

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It is the purpose ... is breaking KB "Duje" to work in our Centre in Fužine. And this in 2016, the team was up 3 regular times, and with this we should add the traditional veteran excursion KB "Duje" late June.

With regular jobs that its forces conducted Veterans: rearrange the sidewalk in front of the summer umivališta, mowing, plowing and seeding new tent terrain, sawing-splitting-stacking firewood, repair enters the basket on the field, painting the woodwork and other minor repairs, was built new summer kitchen in the top of the new terrain in which the leading role played by our friend Berislav Kovacevic - Reads.

However, what is most important for this year 2016, were carried out repairs to the extension of the main home, with the construction of a new sanitary facility on the floor at home. In addition, it is made drainage covered sidewalks around the home, made a new concrete floor in the dining room at home and covered with tiles, and the renovation of the floor terrace at the main warehouse. They started the repairs to the summer toilets, and all the works are contracted with the company "shares" doo owner Nikica Tomac.

In addition, long attempted planning cleaner wastewater and municipal water closer to a possible solution. In fact, our friend Natalia Matić from Zagreb we learned of a large donation to the Government of Switzerland just for the water system in Gorski Kotar. After undertaken contacts turned out to be an important part in this game, our old State Fans Bojanic who is assistant director of the Croatian Waters. With her, we held a meeting in Fuzine 6 December., And opened a perspective to this important point in the middle of the final.

Work actions are organized: 8 - 13 V, 13 - 17 VI., 19 - 24 VIII., And 9th-14th X to 03 X.

At work actions involving a total of 28 members and 20 Brđani on its working action in the VI. month.