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Light from Bethlehem was transferred to Vienna, then in Zagreb, where it was taken by our members at a ceremony in Zagreb Cathedral 10-11. XII. Ceremony was sponsored by Croatian Parliament, which was represented by Mr. President Petrov. On this action participants where Split's numerous delegations: "Split" 10, "Jadran" 5, "Marjan" and 12 "Spinut" 5 members. A total of 32 members.

Just every year in the first week of Advent, in the cave of Christ's birth in Bethlehem, one of the Austrian scouts hoped the light, but then so fragile and delicate - carefully brought to Europe. Our scouts to Bethlehem Light of Peace brought from Vienna to Zagreb and then and entered the Cathedral of Split.Torchbearers Split Scout Assembly revered tradition since 1993, when the first light shone sad, war-exhausted city of Split.

Flame Christmas lights wore this time Lara Ivanisevic (15) and Lucian Draskovic (16) of the Scout club Marjan, and Ivan Boskovic (17), a member of scout sailors "Jadran". Excited proud.

- "We've already been in Vienna, we took the light. I'm scared that if I were to put out the flames, so I held the lamp as a baby, he does not go "- not to Lucian, and Lara adds:" It is a great honor this is, but it is also a big porch. "

In Zagreb's cathedral flame of peace met John, it now brings his town:

- "Just a dream sritan what a dream among the" elect ", I hereby svitlo peace and love my people, you will di better."

He took the boy scouts do Tomislav Ćubelić, pastor of the Cathedral in Split, which held a Mass and a short sermon before the scouts, under the roof of the cathedral crammed them over two hundred.

- "The light that you do not bring the light of the modern age,> light <modern dependence on technology, and we bring the desire for true peace among people. Therefore, we think especially the ones that war is banished from their homes, we want them to immediately return to their homes "- wanted the scouts.

- "You brought us not only light, but also the kind words, thank you for that. We humans wherever you look - see its limits, and weight observed traces. It is superior over nothingness. Do not forget - the word appears where there is silence, a light where there is darkness "- told them the pastor of the cathedral of Split.

Dedicated flame lights peace our fellow citizens then brought to their homes, and their scouts and that helped - by preparing them for the harbor. It is interesting that the Bethlehem light only open flame that can be transported by air and the message of peace has not met never to any obstacle.


Milena Budimir, journalist